Hire Chris Kivi to supercharge your listing & create a 3D tour for your business website & for Google! In 2017 we were among the first 300 to buy & use the Matterport Pro2 3D camera. One of the best cameras to create immersive experiences!

Now the global standard for capturing as-built spaces and creating immersive experiences, Matterport 3D tours dramatically increase listing awareness, and help people grasp a space almost as good as being there. It also gets more boots on the ground, From tiny homes, to Home Depots, opera theaters, small retail & residential real estate. Our Matterport 3D tours are the best in Buffalo NY!

For real estate a Matterport walkthrough counts almost as much as the real thing, Less door kickers though!  It gives you confidence, you gave 100% ensuring as many people as possible, walkthrough the property represeting the seller. In a mobile universe, remote site visits can make a huge difference helping busy lives make important decisions by delivering valuable information in a timely manner. 

The process to request a 3D tour is simple, just call or text Chris at (716) 770-8030 . Within 24 hours after the 3D shoot, your tour is delivered unbranded and branded. Simple.

  When you hire me your property listing gets ALL THIS to help people fall in love with your listing.  These amazing bonus features are exclusive to Matterport.

Give us a call, 716-770-8030

Dollhouse 3D View

A 3D perspective can’t be matched by still photos and videos.

3D Walk Through

The 24-hour Open House brings 100X the walk-throughs compared to normal open houses, super convenient.

Add info Bubbles, Text, images, video

Unique to Matterport, MATTERTAGS are pop-ups that add info on features, photos, and video inside the 3D tour. 

3D Interactive Floor Plan with Labels

Floor Plans are a top request by buyers, we add room Labels to help guests quickly navigate to specific rooms.

Measurement in any space

Accurately measure anything within a 3D model in a few clicks — room sizes, doorways to elements like furniture, entirely remotely. 

Guided Video Tours

Unlike any other 3D platform, our Guided Tour of a space is just like a video, but on steroids. It is what creates an amazing viewer experience.

Blur Brush Tool

Obscure photos & personal items with BLUR, and disarm any seller concerns, while increasing walk throughs 100X remotely.

4K Photos

Need extra photos for free, no problem as Matterport 3D camera’s also take great photos from scan points.