If you are a home seller or real estate agent listing homes here in the 716/585 area, the number one method to improve a listing is making sure the house is cleared of unnecessary clutter, because it’s a sure fire way to get more views and find the right buyer, but it helps me take the best shots possible. 

It’s photo day and the real estate agent is at the listing waiting for the photographer to show up with the client. The first thing to do is make sure the yard is neat, and the driveway empty of cars, trailers and trash cans. If the homeowner is ambitious, a tip is planting some fresh flowers add curb appeal. The inside is next and all throw rugs need to be up to show the floors, and then the kitchen counters need to be stripped clean if possible, and hid the trash can as well. Less is more for real estate photos and here’s my biggest tip: just hide the junk! Invest in large plastic bins you can reuse over and over.

If we post pictures that look like someone came home from vacation and was robbed, we might want to think this through. Shoppers dislike clutter. You’ve seen the images, it’s like nobody cares. Not you though.

The graphic offers some clear ideas what to declutter, and they are all recommended. We have only one day to take the pictures, and this is a fleeting moment, so it’s best to take this very seriously. A messy and cluttered home could be hiding secrets, so let’s not create suspicion.


RealtyPix360 Cheat Sheet how to declutter a real estate listing on photo & 3D day.

The most important room is probably the kitchen, which is the hub, but house wide, make sure all the light bulbs work, and if possible replace soft white bulbs with cool white, to reduce yellow color cast.

Not all photographers are fussy or care like I do, but that’s why you are hiring me, I’m here to make you into a superstar.

RealtyPix360 Cheat Sheet how to declutter a real estate listing on photo & 3D day.